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dexter mini cow All About Miniature Jersey Cows Welcome to MiniJerseyFarm. Some, such as the Dexter of Ireland and the Vechur of Kerala, India, are traditional breeds; others have been recently created by selective breeding. Miniature Zebu Miniature Zebu (Brahma cattle) are still extremely rare (about 750 purebred animals in USA). Dec 10, 2015 · Dexter Mini Cow. Traditional lines bulls; Short leg bulls List of breeders with websites that raise Miniature Herefords in the US. Of course, there are other reasons people shell out about $1,000 more for a smaller cow. She has been a great cow and although she could never be registered, she has a key factor in developing the herd of Dexter cattle. After reading this, I decided that I want a Dexter someday - of course husband thinks this is a horrible idea - but he'll come around Good luck! Dec 28, 2020 · Coloration: Jersey cattle coat color ranges from a light fawn to almost black. Displaying 1 - 20 of 162 . He's a bit on the timid side around people that he doesn't know but will warm up quickly if you just take y Adopt Dexter Cattle a Cow www. It produces milk as well as great tasting beef, but its dual purpose conformation limits the amount of meat it produces. Sure Shot Cattle Company is a small, family run business created to help people who are interested in self-sustained living to find and purchase a dairy cow that is suitable for family use. She has the markings of her Dam except black instead of red coloring. 217. The cheapest offer starts at £975. We are sold out for 2021. Miniature cattle are found in various parts of the world. These cows are a perfect project for children, produce quality milk and are a hardy breed that will thrive on View Dexter Cattle for sale in the UK. Raising Dexter cattle is not something new. Dexter Downs Lady Liberty ADCA Reg# 028469 Red Polled Cow Chondrodysplasia Non-carrier PHA Non-carrier $3500. They are considered a multi-use breed and have been used as beef cattle, dairy cattle and oxen. There is a miniature version of them, but apparently the cute factor comes into play when contemplating eating them. This breed is originated from Ireland and is smaller due to the lack of resources in mountains where they originated. As of January 2019 our herd has been reduced to only 3 individuals. 652. We bought her from a family that had 3 milk cows (her and two Jerseys). - Miniature cows are wonderful for small acreage owners. We are a small family breeding stock farm nestled into the mountains of central New Hampshire. Founded in 1989 by David Jones and Devin Jones, Bar None's Dexter Cattle is backed with over 20 years of industry experience. - Mini cows are great for volunteer work. What you need to know before purchasing your first Dexter. Dexter X Highland . Sheridan was trained to milk 5 months into her first lactation and produced just under 1/2 gallon per milking. Call: 417-270-1571 The Dexter is the smallest of the European cattle breeds with cows weighing approximately 750-850 pounds and bulls weighing 900-1100 pounds. We raise our entire herd 100% chemical-free, 100% organic, and 100% Ideal Small Farm Cows: Dexter Cattle - Pound for pound, no bovine can match the diversity of Dexter cattle, one of the smallest cattle breeds. , and carries the dun color gene. mini cattle White Parks Dexter bull calf calf $1,200 (bnd) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Midas has the Dexter chondro dysplasia gene and is a dwarf. UA-89935245-1 Home Farm Goals Mini History Herd Strategy Purebred Focus Efficiency Objectives Bulls Reference Bulls Classic Hereford Cows Mini Breeders Red Lowline Angus Show Successes Our Thoughts For Sale Contact Us Dexter Cattle are the smallest purebred cattle breed in the world. uk) Half-Pint Hooves Miniature Cattle, Emporia, Kansas. com/bounce_redir/?k=F8EAEB9600D1&l=6010056304 Half-Pint Hooves Miniature Cattle, Emporia, Kansas. Watch for updates on the sale. Pictures of Dexter cows and bulls are at the Dexter Cattle Societies' website. Lamb. Irish Dexter mini cattle are compact, docile, and highly productive, though somewhat rare. com, website of Mini Miracles Farm in Pattonville, Texas and home to some of America’s best Old World and Heritage Jerseys. They can be horned and polled (born without horns) and the breed standard colors are black, dunn, and red. The Dexter breed originated in Ireland. 2017 Sales List . Bred to our A2/A2 Mini Jersey bull due late spring! Coming 2 years old. Dexters are a naturally small cattle breed, but they are not “miniature cattle. This is a fully upgraded breed with a quality registry to maintain the pedigree records. They can be anywhere from 1/2 to even 1/3 the size of standard cattle. Outstanding confirmation and udder Dexter Downs Mauva, dob. For Sale: 2 Dexter Open Heifers Dexter mini cow and 2 heifers - $1,200 (Mico, tx) Have 3 total female dexter cattle, 2 are sisters a year apart and the older one has a 6 month old heifer. If I had a herd of Dexter cows and I used a LBW Angus bull, I would worry about pulling a bunch of calves and having losing a few cows. We will be butchering our first Dexter/Lowline cross fall of 2012. Miniature Cattle are ideal ranchette or acreage cattle and no big investment in livestock handling equipment is necessary. we have 4 Dexter cows with calves at foot ready to go to the bull Cows are 2 x 2yrs old and 2 x 4yrs old calves Miniature Zebu Cows Rare REDS & SPOTTED Registered IMZA Mini Zebu cows (Zebu and mini cross's) Our little zebus have been very popular at our petting zoo because they are tiny, super friendly, gentle, and just plain adorable!! Most visitors have never seen a cow so small or so cute. We also offer a wide variety of frozen Miniature Jersey semen for sale. They can make great outdoor companions, show cattle, or home-raised beef. All except the 2 oldest cows (2013) are out of our PDCA registered bull. This type of cattle are an ancient breed. It’s a 50-50 cross of a small Irish Dexter beef cow and a Jersey milk cow. American Dexter Cattle Dexters are classified as a small, friendly, dual-purpose breed; used for milk and beef. 00 Mini Dexter Cow for sale in Coalville, UT on KSL Classifieds. Brown) to six pure bred Jersey cows. Mature cows should be 300 to 500 pounds; mature bulls from 400 to 600 pounds, and are still extremely rare (about 550 purebred animals in USA) They come I love cows, and have always wanted a few of my own. Some of the breeds of miniature cows include miniature paint zebu cows, mini-white face cattle, miniature watusi cows, mini long horn cattleand miniature dairy cattle. of 3. Because of their small size, miniature cattle can be handled easily and efficiently without the need for special equipment or special fencing. One of the most exciting animals that we have are the miniature rodeo bulls. oodle. The ideal three-year-old Dexter cow measures between 36-42 inches at the shoulder, and weighs less that 750 pounds. Are they genetically breed form smaller cattle or crossbreed with a short Dexter to create a new breed of cattle. See more ideas about dexter cattle, cattle, dexter. Menu About Us; Bulls. Dexter Cattle are naturally horned or polled, although many owners choose to dehorn. We pride ourselves in breeding beautiful, healthy, and well-tempered cattle. Easy to manage, live totally on grass, don’t need to be kept indoors in winter. We raise Irish Jersey Cattle (also known as "Belmonts"), mini Jersey's and more. At Lovable Little Ones™ we take pride in working with and developing our calves to be exceptional pets. com Apr 21, 2017 · The mini cows are one of the smallest breeds of cattle and do not need as much room to roam – or pasture to feed them, as regular size cattle. 2020 Supreme Quality Cattle at Affordable Prices. The smallest of the European cattle breeds, they are about half the size of a traditional Hereford and about one-third the size of a Holstein Friesian milking cow. Oct 20, 2018 · In the summer of 1993, I, Tim O'Donnell of Altamont, IL, bred a 40" Miniature Irish Dexter bull (CP's Mr. , but you can learn from our experience with our list of pros and cons of Dexter cattle. Lamb. Management practices vary by breeder and by country. Irish Dexters are originally from Ireland. I will try the semen on my Hereford cross bred mothers. com (616) 875-7494. Aug 02, 2020 · The main dexter cattle characteristics are: Native Irish breed, small cattle, 2/3 the size of a Hereford, naturally tender, high in Omega 3 and 6, good marbling, big beef flavour. - Mini cows can pay for themselves when you have calves for sale. Nov 22, 2010 · Part of our five year plan is to get a versatile family milk cow. Oct 27, 2015 · The heritage breed of Dexter Cattle Today’s Dexter cattle descend from a herd of hardy Irish mountain cattle assembled by Mr. Just as miniature cows eat less than a full-size cow, you’ll need just ½ – 1 acre of pasture for each cow and you will have less manure to haul away. Red Virgin Bull Born Nov 14, 2017 · Kerrys and Dexters were considered the same breed for decades; but recently, blood tests have shown that the genetics of Dexter cattle have formed their independent identity. He is confident Miniature Cows for Sale $750 (Quinlan) Dexters available $0 (Kaufman) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. The red cliffs, sage brush, and cedar trees provide a picturesque backdrop straight out of the old west. Agricultural Cooperative White Dexter Cattle. If raised for beef, Dexters will produce a tender, lean meat. Miniature or Just small? Irish Dexter cattle are not miniature. • A holding number. Cows measure between 36-42 inches. Dexters are the perfect family cow. Star Gate Ranch: Contact Email E llenbass@sbcglobal. All are horned and all are black except for one of the older cows, she is Dunn. Irish Dexter cattle have been a great addition to the farm. Class . They do well in all climates, needing only a shelter, grass/hay, and fresh water. They require the same facilities as other cattle – grass, water and fencing. Today’s Dexter cattle descend from a herd of hardy Irish mountain cattle assembled by Mr. OUR DEXTER ROAM FREELY ON A SMALL 15 ACRE FARM. This is a great site for, Potential Mini cow owners to get valuable information. We are also fostering another cow and The Dexter cattle are a dual-purpose breed of cattle which are raised for both milk and meat production. She tends to be skittish, although with regular attention she does calm down. In 2009, when our children were old enough to enter 4-H, we thought showing this gentle and easy going breed was the way to go and wanted everyone to be aware of this special bovine. Then it is not just the highland as there are also miniature belted galloways offered for sale So where have the miniature breeds for sale today come form. Originating from Ireland more than a century ago, they are dual purpose cattle, raised for both milk and meat, and because of their size, are the ideal house cow for hobby farmers. Lucy was the original, non-registered, Dexter at Riverbank Farm. $1,000. It is a dual-purpose breed, with the average weight of a cow being some 300 - 350 Kg's and standing 92cm - 107cm at the shoulder. They come in three main colors Black, Dunn and Red. favorite this post Feb 23 Live stock Mini Feeder set of 4 Dec 06, 2018 · Overall, mini cows are less work than rearing a standard milking cow. Dexters come in black, red or […] Knowing the fine qualities of the Dexter cattle, then adding the functional and visual attributes of the White Park cattle gave us the unique new breed of White Dexter’s. Born December 30, 2015, Midas is out of Kendall, sired by Rusty. Bullseye II (XM 2745, 39") Miniature Belted Galloway x American Aberdeen (Lowline) crossbreed. Many of the animals labeled “dairy-type” are simply undernourished or poorly conformed, (Figure 1). The two known mutations are specific to Dexter cattle and may be present in Dexter crossbreds. Her average butterfat content is just under 4% as is her protein. Dexters are a small, dual-purpose (meat/milk) breed. Bar None's Dexter Cattle in Texas . SS Mini Domino is the 9th heifer for the 2016 year. It is a miniature cattle breed originating in Ireland. They are dual purpose, raised for both milk and beef. Miniature cattle markets include pet, breeder, show, mini milker, organic beef and commercial farm grown beef. Dexter, agent to Lord Hawarden, around 1750. We at Mini Miracles Farm believe in the traditions of the American small farmer and homesteader. We are a small family breeding stock farm nestled into the mountains of central New Hampshire. Dexters are our choice for many reasons. Miniature Zebu are one of the smallest breeds, and the only true miniature breed that has not been bred down to get their size. We recommend you research this awesome breed on the web. Dexter roots trace to the tiny Celtic cattle of ancient Eire. Developed by Tracy Teed of Conway, Washington, Belfair cattle are 50% Jersey, from high test Jersey cows bred to a small 35” Dexter bull, developed for the small acreage farmer who wants a small family milk cow which will also produce a good beef calf for the locker. Miniature Cow Breeds Miniature Cattle Puppy Training Tips Training Your Dog Dexter Cattle Small Cow Mini Cows Mini Farm Happy Cow. Dexter Cattle for Sale. The Dexter breed originated in Ireland. Each year we produce 25-30 calves. Registered White Dexter Cattle The farming plan is sustainable agriculture: row crops are certified organic; veal and beef are raised naturally on cow’s milk and forage with no added hormones or subtherapeutic antibiotics; and heritage breeds (Irish Dexter cattle and Babydoll Southdown sheep) are raised for breeding stock and enjoyment. co. It’s an option, though. com (616) 875-7494. Chuck Daggett raises Dexters, and says anyone from city folks new to the country to a seasoned farmer can easily raise them for a number of reasons. it’s like looking at a fine gentleman in a tux. Bar None's Dexter Cattle provides top-notch animals along with great customer support-a combination that can't be beat. Large ones can be intimidating. Mail to 2374 County Road 203 Unit B, Falls City TX 78113-2850 Farm of the Tiny Cows hosts a large variety of Dexter Cattle. Aug 24, 2011 · Welcome to White Mountain Miniature Cattle. shamrockacres@hotmail. Less time spent on animal rearing leaves you with more for gardening, foraging and preserving food for winter. Dexters offer several unique traits when it comes to beef and milk production, management requirements, land requirements etc. The ideal three year old Dexter cow measures between 36 to 42 inches at the shoulder, and weighs less than 750 pounds. Dexter. They do have an impressive food conversion which makes us look a bit harder at our Dexter's bloodlines for ability to gain weight. See dexter cattle stock video clips. • You must have access to grazing. C all us at (785) 836-3065 (no texts) or email padams@kansasdexters. 3 Mini Hereford cross females each-$500 1 Beefmaster female $900 Miniature Hereford/Dexter/Zebu Bull-$500 Dexter cows, Dexter cross heifers, mini Hereford cross cows, mini Hereford cross heifers miniature cattle Mini cow miniature cow . Or . In Ireland they were often used a house cow because of the small size, their ability to produce milk for the family and still raise a calf for beef. Thanks for Although most Highlands would be considered a "Mid-Miniature" size breed (Over 43" at 3 years of age) Miniature Highland cattle (under 42" at 3 years of age) are one of the most popular of the miniature breeds of cattle and good miniatures are still quite rare. Standing just 36 to 44 inches at the shoulder, Dexters are the perfect old-fashioned, family cow. The limited miniseries features Michael C. default description Dexters. The best part of a Dexter is the temperament. They are just SO expensive, and SO hard to find! I've been researching the Dexter breed since We have a mini-Jersey/Dexter cross, and I think she is an excellent cow. In order to be a mini, you need to have an original breed. $30. This new breed (All American Cattle) does it all. The use of vaccines or the need for antibiotics is rare. and calving ease and do not own Lowline brood cows any longer. IMCBS Registered. Dexter Cattle are originally from Ireland. $1000 Dun polled 2 year old heifer $1200 Both have been exposed to our Dexter bull. A Dexter steer will weigh about 800 pounds at 18-20 months, Chambers said, and can be harvested. They are beefy enough to raise a There is a big thing in the online version of Mother Earth News this month that talks about miniature dairy cattle and some stuff about Dexters. Miniature cattle sold by Pandarosa Miniature Ranch include Highland, Highpark, Panda, and Panlander pet cattle that excel in the show ring and pasture. Daggett can be contacted at adca@dextercattle. All of our cattle are registered with the Dexter Cattle Society of New Zealand and are sire and dam verified. A rare breed until recently, they are now considered a recovering breed by the Livestock Conservancy. The Dunn cow is also very tame and could be used for milking, with a little training. My research led me to the Irish Dexter cattle. Jan 27, 2021 · Full dexter. The Dexter breed originated in Ireland. Last Updated: July 20th 2017 #17 BD Sierra Isleen. Dexter Cattle ~ For Sale. Dexters are extremely versatile and are used for beef, dairy, and oxen. Registered White Dexter Cattle Feb 12, 2021 · DNA Verified 100% Purebred Mini Jerseys, Trained Registered Miniature & Midsize Jersey Family Dairy Cows North Woods Homestead, Purebred Dual Registered Mini Jersey Trained Family Dairy Cows & Rare Salmon Faverolles Chickens, Priest River, Idaho welcome to the k heart dexter website. favorite this post Feb 23 Dexter heifer Dexter mini herford cow $850 (sle > Saint Benedict) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. The pure bred 11 month Dexter fits into a size 2 with room to spare. I have been dedicated to the promotion and protection of this breed for over 26 yrs now. Dexters are a small, tri-purpose cattle breed, being raised for milk, meat and for use as oxen. Barbara Martin wrote: Having a mini CAFO is probably not a good idea. Dexters are, all around, the perfect breed of cattle with their gentle nature, small size, and efficiency. When it comes to miniatures and small breeds, they are on the larger side. Belfair cattle are a cross between Registered Dexter cattle and registered Miniature Jersey cattle. 2518 0 Items Most Dexter breeders really like the look and don’t think much about the temperament. ” Figure 1: This cow's body condition does not mean she is "dairy type," it means she is 150 pounds underweight. I have read that a milking Dexter cow can produce more milk per weight than any other breed. By 1845, when author David Low described and referred to them by name, they already resembled today’s Dexter cattle. Dec 10, 2015 · Dexter Mini Cow. dexter cow mini cow. CD'S Minis-Breeders of Dexter Cattle CD'S Minis is a family farm in the small town of Fredonia, Arizona; located on the scenic border of Southern Utah and Northern Arizona. Unbred, would love a farm with companion cows like she was used to. • The name of a good local cattle vet. They are the smallest British breed of cattle. We specialize in miniature cows for sale and mini cows for sale in Colorado by Lovable Little Ones. 0 out of 5 stars I am a new owner of a pregnant Dexter cow and a 2 year old bull. net: Updated 9-17-20: Several Homo Polled Red Bulls Call For German Shepherd-sized mini-cow called "Dexter" gives 16 pints of milk a day, mows lawn, kills nasty people who don't deserve to share this beautiful planet with us (timesonline. all of our cattle have been tested for chrondrodyspasia (bull dog gene) and are pha free (pulmonary hypoplasia with anasarca). 6/5/2010, oldest cow on farm. Dexters grow to be about half the size of their bigger relatives. Dexter cattle are among the smallest of cattle breeds in the world, standing 40" tall and weighing 700–900 pounds. We have a couple of odd cows as well. 6,627 likes · 576 talking about this. They came to the United States in the 1900's from England and Ireland. You can expect your Dexters to live for up to 18 years if you choose this breed! They’re also easy to breed, and they’re known for having easy births, which could make them a great choice if you’re new to farming. Listing # 32142136. Please reach out to discuss pickup/delivery. White Dexter Cattle have all the qualities of the Dexter Breed – beef, milk and oxen – in a brand new package. Dexter Cow and Bull $1,100 (sek > Parsons) Bred 7/8 Dexter 1/8 Mini-Jersey Cow $850 (sek > Coffeyville) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting ^ back - Mini cattle eat less, 1/2 to 1/3 less. Belle Fourche Devon, dob. These miniature cows have calves as small as 17 lbs at birth. We raise Irish Jersey Cattle (also known as "Belmonts"), mini Jersey's and more. Mini Hereford Cows, Mini Jersey & Mid Size Red Angus Cows & Bulls in Texas — Welcome to Falster Farm! Nancy and I are so excited to be meeting you. Miniature Jersey Cows at three years of age and over should not exceed 700 pounds live weight. For Sale: 1 Dexter Bulls. Outstanding credentials from both sides with very positive ultrasounds. The Dexter bred cattle as a smaller breed will generally observe a mature Dexter cow weighing anywhere between 600 to 700 pounds and a fully mature bull as having a weight of no more than 1000 pounds. Ulla Dexter Milk Cow Precious Dexter Milk Cow Dexter herd Tara Nigerian "milk" Goat and kid Abby Nubian/Alpine, up and coming "milk" goat due to kid May 11 laying hens, couple hundred chicks, Muscovy Duck eggs hatching soon! Jessie "herding" Dog Buffy "LGD" Lexi our house mouser Aug 24, 2011 · Welcome to White Mountain Miniature Cattle. They can be trained, as can most cows, but it was easier to get the short-legged girls to stand still for milking. Since we only have 11 acres, we were thinking one of the "mini" breeds of cattle. Honey Creek Dexters 2680 N 300 E Monticello, IN 47960 574-583-8669 Dexter Cow exposed to White Mini Highland Bull $800 (Liberty Hill) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. is a great opportunity for beef, seedstock, and color in a small package. Shamrock Acres Dexter Cattle, Hudsonville, Michigan. This miniature cow is a cross between some of the best of both worlds. Our miniature cow farm is located in Eastern Colorado where we are currently raising pet quality miniature and micro-miniature cows. She is a Registered Miniature Texas Longhorn with TLBAA and ITLA. American Dexter Cattle Association, 4150 Merino Ave. We offer for sale heifer calves, bull calves, bred cows and pairs. Mature cows weigh Specializing in Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys & Irish Dexter Cattle . Even if you just want one for a pet we have one for you! Come to our farm and do a tour of the miniature animals - miniature horses, miniature cattle, miniature donkeys and miniature dogs! Located in the picturesque Tweed Valley we are only 30 minutes from Coolangatta Airport but we are a world elcome to Stormy Acre Ranch Mini Cattle Co. Nash Farms raises Heritage Dexter Cattle and Navajo-Churro sheep, along with Muscovy ducks, peacocks, chickens, and a wide variety of fruit including apples. This is much more manageable for a small family than the larger quantities produced from other cattle breeds. Compare this to the standard mature full size Standard Jersey Cow which weighs 1000 to 2000 pounds and is 50 to 60 inches tall. Dec 16, 2020 · With the purchase of these cows and a bull thus started the Dexter Corner breeding program. shamrockacres@hotmail. Due to their small size, their bodies tend to be quite wide and having a deep form occasionally with an adequately rounded hindquarter. May 20, 2009 · According to the American Dexter Cattle Association’s breeding guidelines, the preferred size for a mature Dexter bull may range between 38-44 inches at the shoulder and weighs less than 1000 pounds. What is the best breed of meat cattle for your homestead? If you are looking for a great backyard meat producer, the small sized Dexter cattle may be right f Dexter cattle are a miniature cattle breed for small farms and homesteads. 5% Dexter bull. • A herd number. The parents of the sisters were tested by the person we got them from and were negative. Belfair miniature cattle are the first dual-purpose miniature cattle developed in America. Oct 14, 2020 · ‘Dexter’ is set to return for 10 episodes. We have cows, heifers, bull calves black red dun for sale in Lamar Arkansas. Well check out our Miniature cattle for sale page. They are an extremely docile breed and are easy to handle. As we have entered retirement we have reduced our herd size to free up time for other pursuits. The Belfair. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day. The Dexter is noted for easy calving, and the breed is known for the long useful breeding life of the cows - up to fourteen years, sometimes more. We support Dexter cattle owners and breeders, offering advice and a range of services. - Mini cows are affectionate, most enjoy being brushed and petted. Plan a visit to Wakarusa Ridge Ranch, we are located near Overbrook, Kansas, USA. A full size cow requires at least 2ac of good pasture (even with rotation) so a Dexter needs at least half that per head. We started getting asked all the time if we would sell ours. our goal is to to breed polled cattle, primarily red, but also for size, disposition, and for use as both beef and milking. However they are often listed as a triple-purpose breed, since they are also used as oxen. There are two varieties of Dexters, short legged and long legged. There are new calves available Shamrock Acres Dexter Cattle. Our cows have mainly been about the 100cm mark (39"). We also have small frame British White cattle. Both Belted Galloways and Dexters were developed as homesteader cattle. On our farm we raise registered Irish Dexters. Lakeport RK Midas is an orange brindle Micro Miniature 87. Welcome to Bolton Farm! Located in Spring Branch, Texas - just north of San Antonio - our 132-acre farm and ranch is home to Dexter Cattle. Bogle Farms Miniature Zebu & Miniature Longhorn home page Bogle Farms, Florida, Member of AMZA, IMZA, Florida Miniature Zebu Association, for Sale at all times Miniature Longhorns, Miniature Zebu Call for pricing! Dec 15, 2015 · Dexter cattle will produce between 1 – 2 gallons of milk per day, with high butterfat content (4%). Hall taking on the titular role yet again, eight years after the finale. Though their size can vary from a large dog all the way up to small Jersey, they’re still a lot smaller than say a Holstein or Guernsey. They are perfect for first-time cattle owners and perfect for small farms. The Dexter breed is a small breed of cattle. $1,000. Modern Dexter miniature cows trace their ancestry to a 1750 herd of sturdy Irish mountain cattle that was assembled by an agent of Lord Hawarden. Seen a short-legged dexter bull dragging his nutsack around the rough pasture :shock: one time when picked up the problem dexters at same place. She has been a great cow and although she could never be registered, she has a key factor in developing the herd of Dexter cattle. In the spring of 2005 we journeyed to northern Minnesota and purchased our first Dexters: a cow, a young bull, and two little calves. The mama has the start of horns but the 2 younger ones are polled. The American Dexter Cattle Association website is www. 6,627 likes · 576 talking about this. Check it out! Dexter Cattle are compact, friendly, hardy, dual-purpose cattle that originated in Ireland in the 1800's. Agricultural Cooperative Dexter Cattle (Mini Animals) Alix Wood. The cows in turn were descended from the small cattle of the Celts of ancient Ireland. Most Dexters are primarily black, but some versions of the miniature breed come in either a dun or red fur tone. His name was Mr. Dexter cows are known for their calving ease and their exceptional mothering ability. The Mini Dexter are a very sweet breed of cow, and they are quite long-lived. Rolling 7 Mini Cattle is nestled in the beautiful Sandhills of Nebraska. Bolton Farm raises and sells Dexter Cattle of all ages. We started with 6 cows in 2008 and now have a herd of around 40, including cows, calves, heifers and steers. Do you have a small farm? Because of their naturally small size, Dexters are well suited to smaller acreages. Bullseye Jr. com. They must be under 42 inches tall at the hip to be classified as “Miniature”. Thirdly, minis' with their smaller size do not tear up pastures as the larger cows do which helps to keep your grass growing. ” Since Dexter cows often continue to grow until 3 years of age and bulls can continue to grow up to 5 years of age, an animal’s mature size can take several years to ascertain. Bull Calf For Sale. After raising Brangus cross cattle for many years, Bolton Farm learned of this hardy and docile breed and began raising Dexter Cattle for sale and grass fed beef. Only cow on property, grassfed with supplemental protein feed. You should be able to get a good registered Dexter heifer for $1200, and even less if you're willing to take a range heifer and tame her yourself or an unregisterable one. Jul 15, 2020 · The miniature highlands claim to be a reproduction of those cattle. This is a fully upgraded breed with a quality registry to maintain the pedigree records. ! Stormy Acre Ranch is one of the largest breeders of miniature livestock in Canada. Size - Our goal here is to stay around the standard miniature size or 38 to 44 inches tall at maturity. Contact through Email Heathersgoldenlife@gmail. Mature cows weigh Dexters are a true small breed of cattle hailing from Ireland. A new dexter calf has his fill of his mother's rich milk. All transactions between owners & visitors to the site are the sole responsibility and at the risk of those concerned parties only. Dexter is a good looking 1yr old cattle dog mix he was transferred in from another shelter when they were out of space and he was out of time. Black Cow Born on 06-21-2014 Reg # - 040822 PHA and Chondro Free Heterozygous Polled A1/A1 Beta Casein Confirmed 8 Months Bred $1,200 #28 BD Maverick's Derry. favorite this post Jan 28 Pair of Micro Mini Cattle $3,000 (knx > Cow Looks Heavy Mar 11, 2020 · A good Dexter cow, if fed for milk production, Chambers said, will produce four gallons of milk a day. Today, Dexters excel as both meat and dairy cattle; they are one of the smallest bovine varieties, standing at around 40 inches, but still, weigh in between 700-900 pounds! Miniature Hereford Cattle. 1,763 likes · 13 talking about this. 1,299 likes · 64 talking about this · 454 were here. If raised for beef, Dexters will produce a tender, lean meat. Location: Montgomery; Price: $5500; Read more Hereford Dexter Herd Our focus is primarily on Registered Mini Panda’s and Registered Mini America Beltie cows, (Mini Cookie). Our miniature cows are as small as 32 inches tall. This advert is located in and around Glos, Gloucestershire. Dexter cattle are the smallest of the European cattle breeds, being about half the size of a traditional Hereford and about one third the size of a Friesian (Holstein) milking cow. favorite this post Jan 28 Pair of Micro Mini Cattle $3,000 (knx > Cow Looks Heavy Bred) Enjoyment – 20-35 lb calves, 450-750 lb cows, 700-1000lb adult bulls, the perfect cattle teaching scenario for beginners, 4-H, FFA, bucket bottle projects, and miniature bucking bull rodeos. As we have entered retirement we have reduced our herd size to free up time for other pursuits. The smallest native breed of cattle in the British Isles, they are hardy, dual-purpose cattle, producing excellent beef and milk, an ideal suckler cow for conservation grazing. Jan 23, 2018 - Explore Jerry Smith's board "Dexter Cattle", followed by 111 people on Pinterest. Do you have a small farm? Because of their naturally small size, Dexters are well suited to smaller acreages. We've spent many years raising top quality livestock that are climate adaptable for various Canadian regions. dexter cattle - Recherche Google. We invite you to come and view one of the larger Dexter herds in Texas, 50 miles southeast of San Antonio off Highway 181 [ map ]. Half-Pint Hooves Miniature Cattle, Emporia, Kansas. In most areas, the mini cattle are really high priced (overpriced?), while Dexters are quite reasonable. This is much more manageable for a small family than the larger quantities produced from other cattle breeds. Delivery Available. Irish Dexter cattle have been a great addition to the farm. Homestead & Miniature Cattle Directory makes no promises or guarantees, direct or implied, about any sales, registries, groups, breeders or animals listed on the Miniature-Cattle. C. $675. They tend to carry the best of each breed into the new calf. Registered - We are adding a few Registered head of Mini Herefords, Lowline (Aberdeen) Angus and both of our herd bulls are registered as well. Most Dexters are belt-buckle high. Apr 13, 2012 · The breed is over a 100 years old and one of the world's smallest true breeds of cattle, not a miniature developed from a larger breed. Explore 4 listings for Dexter cattle for sale at best prices. Irish fanciers established a Dexter registry in 1887 and an American version followed in 1911. We love Dexter cattle! In this video, we explain the details of raising Dexters: Why we chose this breed, our beef production business plan, how we graze the My family has been raising commercial cattle for decades, a lifestyle and a love that runs deep in our veins . But after almost a year it is plain that I am the only one in my family that loves them, and since everyone else is happy drinking goats milk and I’m the only one that wants cows milk, I think it is time, for the sake of family harmony, to put “my beautiful ladies” up for sale. New breeds are being developed as breeders recognize the need for cattle that thrive on smaller acreage with less fresh available vegetation. Subscribe for Updates! Dexter Cattle. Both are A2/A2. org. He has, so far, only been bred to our cows. Registered White Dexter Cattle Feb 17, 2021 · They are indeed the world’s smallest true breed of cattle, not a miniature developed from a larger breed. $600. Dexter cattle are about half the size of a traditional Hereford. com Dec 22, 2012 · “This is a ‘dairy-type’ Dexter. " Also, "the daily yield averages 1 to 3 gallons per day with a butterfat content of 4 to 5 percent. We specialize in Miniature Jersey cows. Our Dexters are registered with the ADCA and we focus on polled, A2A2, with beefy builds, good udders, and gentle natures. Please check back often or contact us with any questions. • Phoenix Ranch • Dexter-Galloway-Jersey-Toy • Vacaville CA • 530-219-0897 • Phoenix Ranch has spent several years developing a miniature cattle composite that incorporates Jersey genetics with Ralph Sower's SunDog Toy Cattle, to produce beefy, easy-going miniature cattle that will produce extra rich milk with nice teats for hand Breeding Texas Dexter Cattle. Bulldog dwarfism is a lethal genetic defect of Dexter cattle. com website. We started with 6 cows in 2008 and now have a herd of around 40, including cows, calves, heifers and steers. Miniature Belted Cattle Are a combination of a belted breed of cattle (we use Belted Galloways) and a naturally smaller breed (Dexters are always fun). White Dexter Cattle An Old Breed with a New Color White Dexter Cattle have all the qualities of the Dexter Breed – beef, milk and oxen – in a brand new package. See Our ~ Irish Dexter Cattle ~ A Heritage Breed. But are not considered to be a miniature cow. We have information here on Dexter cows for both meat and milk and what to feed them. Explains K. MINIATURE CATTLE are the perfect animal for the small acreage farms of the world. With this first cross four heifers and two bulls were produced. THEY FEED ON GREEN GRASS, HAY AND LITTLE SWEET FEED. They are a smaller breed of cattle. We began raising Registered Dexter Cattle on our farm in 2009. They do have an impressive food conversion which makes us look a bit harder at our Dexter's bloodlines for ability to gain weight. This guy will make an excellent addition to a Dexter herd or will help produce a smaller calf in other breeds. Photo credit: wikipedia. Locate Dexter mini cow, heifer (Tyler) $1,000 - JLA FORUMS We have a dexter heifer and a dexter/Jersey cross. They are labeled as “The Poor Man’s Cow” because they don’t take much to raise. Welcome to Headacres - A family run farm located in Bethany NC. At first I thought that I wanted a Mini Jersey, because milk quality is my first priority in breeds. The older kids did a lot of milking, and this cow we bought was one of the kid's favorite because of her temperment. I'd be better off selling the Dexters to someone else that actually wants straight-bred Dexters and buying a different breed. I quickly became obsessed with Miniature Cattle, never knowing they existed till then. We specialize in breeding, raising and training Irish Dexter Family Milk Cows. Hobbit Hill Dexter Stud, Australia Once we found the Dexter and researched this wonderful breed, we made our decision that this was the ideal cow for our farm. We are also life time members of the International Miniature Cattle Breeders Society and Registry. Both animals are registered with the Legacy Dexter Cattle Registry and are part of the conservation effort to maintain traditional bloodlines. Tested for parentage, color (Red), and milk (A2N). We can’t wait to show you all that we have to offer. They have beautiful white horns which are tipped in black once they reach adulthood. Find Mini Cow Dexter stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Each year we produce 25-30 calves. Thonney, Professor of Animal Science, Cornell University The Livestock Conservancy PO Box 477, 33 Hillsboro St, Pittsboro, NC 27312. Thanks for Jun 15, 2016 · The Fabrizios also plan to breed their farm’s full-size Jerseys and Holsteins with a miniature Jersey bull. ” Dexter Cattle for Sale Dexter cattle are a breed of cattle originating in Ireland. DEXTERS FOR SALE. Dexter is mini by nature. The white body with the black points on the ears, eyes, nose and feet…. Cows, bulls, calves and entire herds of this rare breed of small-sized cattle. Our 2021 calves are arriving May/June/July! Irish Dexter Cows are perfect cattle for a small homestead. DOB 02/01/2013. Here at K&R Farm we specialize in Dexter miniature cattle. We have a standing heard of cows and a bull. Dexter cattle are very hardy animals, thriving in both hot and cold climates with little difficulty. $4000. favorite this post Feb 5 Dexter Steer for Dexters. Milk and beef production and other characteristics are generally the same for both types. Arrange a viewing today. I chose this cross because I was trying to bring the size of the standard Jersey cow back down to the size they were back in the 1950's. -Miniature cows can be transported in a small 2 horse trailer. An added bonus for us is that the Dexter is a dual meat/milking breed, so we are covered down the road should we ever need to get our milk from them. • A movement book. 12% Dexter A1A2 Sire: Riverview Gene Irish Dexter cattle are a breed of miniature cattle originating in Ireland. Miniature cattle have many attributes that we find are best suited to today's small farms. That’s a real benefit, especially if you new to cows or if your children will be handling them. Dexter Cattle are considered a heritage breed and were first bred in the southern part of Ireland. Register with SellMyLivestock to see breeders and farmers with Dexter Cattle to sell. Both sides are registered. 25% Gallaway 3. Beef. Dexter cattle ranch in Central Texas, including herd information and tax advantages of raising Dexter cattle. Pork. Hudsonville, MI. WE HAVE RED AND BLACK BULLS, COWS & HEIFERS. Dexter Cattle for Sale in Texas. We are reluctantly selling our small herd of Dexters, due to my husbands ill health. Miniature cows for sale by Lovable Little Ones located in Loveland, Colorado. Breeders of quality black, dun, and red horned Dexter Cattle since 1987. C. Our cows are also considered Miniature Cattle because they are not over 42 inches (106. And she has a beautiful Roan face. The mini cows are good milk producers, and people are raising Dexter cattle for meat, too. Out of our nicest Mini Highland show cow, Midas has excellent conformation and great hair with a long thick dossen. Shamrock Acres Dexter Cattle. Elemental Dexters is an Irish Dexter Cattle milking herd based in Renton, WA. They are the ideal homestead or family cow. 5. They are the smallest breed of cattle of British origin and are bred both for milk and for meat. Cowen, an Emmett, Idaho, farmer and member of the American Miniature Jersey Association: “They’re rare and the sweetest of Bred Miniature Dexter/Jersey Cow - SOLD We have a 6-yr old Belmont cross: ¾ Dexter, ¼ Miniature Jersey for sale. I will try the semen on my Hereford cross bred mothers. Dexter Cattle $0 (tri) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. “It’s a great animal for a small area, if you want meat and milk,” Daggett said. We feel like this is a good bull for adding depth and improving tail heads (moving away from the "dent" and the raised and/or recessed tail that has become increasingly common in American Dexters, (and more severe in animals with the trait in the pedigree multiple times). Dec 14, 2015 · Dexter cattle will produce between 1 – 2 gallons of milk per day, with high butterfat content (4%). 283 dexter cattle stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. Michael L. $675. Dexters are extremely versatile – perfect for beef and milk as well as showing and work as oxen. Bred Miniature Cow - SOLD Poppy is a Black Irish Jersey (Dexter X Mini Jersey). White Dexter Cattle. How does a cow digest food? Domestic cows feed on grasses, stems, and other herbaceous plant material. Dexter Cattle $0 pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. They were considered a rare breed of cattle, until recently, but are now considered a recovering breed by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. As of January 2019 our herd has been reduced to only 3 individuals. Dexters originated in Ireland and are the smallest breed of non miniature cattle. Dexter cattle are about half the size of a traditional Hereford. Lakeport Dexter Farm. org or (952) 215-2206. We will be butchering our first Dexter/Lowline cross fall of 2012. Watertown MN 55388 952-446-1423 Photographs: American Dexter Cattle Association,as aquired by Dr. See full list on offthegridnews. Affected fetuses have severe disproportionate dwarfism, a short vertebral column, a large head, and are naturally aborted around seven months of gestation. Yearling red, naturally polled, bull calf available now. We currently have 2 heifers for breeding and milk and 2 steer offspring being raised for beef. Stressing them out will incline them to poor health. Bergen ny, New York. Standard Jerseys can come in the very rare brindle pattern that traces back to the 1700s. $700. dextercattle. Their beef is award-winning, tender and flavorful and can easily be home-butchered for do-it-yourself Dexter's story Dexter is a grey tabby and white, good looking male, on the large side, but not huge. Dexters come both horned and naturally polled (hornless). Sep 21, 2020 · Juxtapose all of that to a Dexter which is hardy, thriving in a wide variety of locals. We began raising Registered Dexter Cattle on our farm in 2009. They are predominantly black in color, but can also be red or dun. Miniature cattle are great for small acreages. • A medicine book. Dexter roots trace to the tiny Celtic cattle of ancient Eire. John and Gail Derrick and family welcome you to our site, devoted to the promotion of Dexter Cattle with general information about the industry and details about our own Dexter herd. Sep 13, 2012 · Lot of them trying to turn the dexters into a cute pet mini-cow and making them even smaller than the old fashioned dexters but they don't pay attention to the disposition or quality of the animal. 6,627 likes · 576 talking about this. Pillard's Miniature Cattle in Rockwell, Iowa has some of the smallest and most colorful miniature cows available. and calving ease and do not own Lowline brood cows any longer. She is TB/Brucellosis/BLV/Johnes Neg, is A1/A2, Chondro/PHA Neg. They are small cattle so require less to keep good body condition thus offering more pounds per acre than a larger breed would. Subscribe for Updates! Dexter Cattle. Registered White Dexter Cattle Cattle farming on a small farm is doable with Dexter cattle. We Love & Enjoy the Dexter breed of cattle immensely & will always have a few on the farm. Our experience has been that the long-legged Dexters tend to be a bit more “skittish” than the short-legged. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers Dexter cow $800 (cht > Spring City) Miniature Milk Cows / Miniature Cattle / mini calves $1,000 (nwg > Kingston) pic hide this posting restore restore this May 18, 2018 · Specializing in Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys & Irish Dexter Cattle . The smallest of the European cattle breeds, they are about half the size of a traditional Hereford and about one third the size of a Friesian (Holstein) milking cow. Some Dexter owners will leave the calf on the cow, then the cow only needs to be milked once a day. Their size ranges from 92 – 107 cm. 7cm) at the top of the hips. Members of the ADCA. The breed is about half the size of a traditional Hereford cattle, about one third the size of Friesian and is the smallest of the European cattle breeds. Secondly in choosing a mini versus a large cow, you can put two minis' per acre versus one large cow per acre which allows for smaller farms to have a small herd of minis' on a small tract of land. At just one third the size of a typical dairy cow, the Dexter is said to be the smallest breed of cattle and yet (as stated on the ADCA site) a Dexter milking cow "can produce more milk for its weight than any other breed. Pork. They are much easier on the land and to raise and manages. Small closed herd of Dexter cattle. Dexter, agent to Lord Hawarden, around 1750. Sheridan took the title of Udder Champion in 2009 under a long time experienced Dexter judge and was said to have "the best rear attachment she had seen in a Dexter". Back in 2015 my husband surprised me with 4 Miniature Belted Cows and one Miniature White Dexter cow aka Sugar Baby, Peep, Pixie, Licorice and Becky. Traditional dwarf Dexter cow and heifer calf pair. Though size is the breed’s most distinguishing characteristic, the Dexter is a useful and productive, multi‑purpose animal. The size two was a good choice with room for her to grow and still use this halter. Miniature herefords grow to be only 38' to 42' inches tall. Bulls measure 38-46 inches in height. 63% Mini jersey 6. They stand between 3’ and 4’ at the shoulder with cows rarely getting over 800lbs. Half-Pint Hooves Miniature Cattle, Emporia, Kansas. Hudsonville, MI. They are known to be a dual purpose cow, appreciated for both their beef and milk. favorite this post Jan 14 Jet ski Offering top-quality Registered Foundation Pure Miniature Zebu and Miniature Texas Longhorn cattle for sale at all times. feel free to ask questions and I look forward to hearing from other Dexter owner/breeders. When brindle coloring is found in Mini Jerseys it usually stems from crossbreeding with Dexter Cattle or Aberdeen to reduce the height from a taller Jer . J & M MINI DEXTER COW FARM IS SITUATED IN PETERSBURG, MIDDLE TN. Over 25 years ago Hatch Farms began breeding miniature cattle. Cattle farming is tricky sometimes. 8/14/11, beautiful and dam of Chaneys Minnie Pearl Jan 26, 2021 · 6 Mini Hereford cross females each-$500 1 Dexter/Hereford female with calf-$650 2 Dexter female $400 1 Beefmaster female $900 Miniature Hereford/Dexter/Zebu Bull-$500 Or $5500 for all Dexter cows, Dexter cross heifers, mini Hereford cross cows, mini Hereford cross heifers. Some of the people interested in this breed of small cattle are: The small acreage farmer, back to nature type people wanting a family cow for milk, for cheese Dexter’s are the most unique breed of cattle in the world, being the only natural small breed and not miniaturized by human selection. Since the back of our farm forms the headwaters to Plum Creek, and the Dexters were much smaller than the Holsteins we had been raising, the Plum Creek Little Cattle Company was born. They require the same facilities as other cattle – grass, water and fencing. • Some form of shelter. The Dexter originated in southern Ireland during the early 1800s. 6,627 likes · 576 talking about this. However, Zebu cattle are known to be one of the oldest breeds of cattle, possible dating back as far as 6000 B. Dexter and Scottish Highland cattle. Photo credit: wikipedia. Cows, bulls, calves or cow/calf pairs now available. Lucy was the original, non-registered, Dexter at Riverbank Farm. View a wide selection of Livestock and other great items on KSL Classifieds. Here at Restoration Acres, we've been raising Dexter cattle for years. small Non short Dexter herd for sale. Beef. 5% Highland 12. MOTHER's staff discovers a little-known but productive small-farm cow: Dexter cattle. 3 cows, 3 steers and 4 young heifers. 50% mini jersey 50% beef cow Sire: Sir Lancelot Dam: beef cow A1A2 $3500 Ruby (SOLD) 90. 1,765 likes · 12 talking about this. The Dexter is the smallest native breed of cattle in the British Isles, it a dual purpose breed originating from Ireland. Yes, Dexter cattle are small. They require one-third the feed of standard size animals. "Annie" is very short, 38" at the hip full-grown, black and dehorned. Buy or sell Dexter cattle. They were imported to America in the early 1900s. Dexter Cattle for sale irish dexter cattle in Texas. Sep 17, 2016 · Dexter cattle are popular with small landowners, as they are very versatile and extremely easy on the land; they require less pasture and feed than other breeds, are exceptional mothers, and survive well on limited acreage. They are not miniature cattle; they were initially bred as a naturally small cattle and they have maintained their small, hardy constitution to the present. Dexter cows can continue to calve into their 20's. Dexter cattle: The demand for Dexter cattle has been brisk and we will not be able to increase the size of our herd in the near future because of the drought, so we will have some of our best cattle available in our online Production Sale in October. Keeping Dexter Cattle. Our calves are halter broke, trained to be around adults and children, and of course lovable. dexter mini cow

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